Founder & Director

Mr. Saurav Paruthi, Founder, Director

An epitome of class and credibility, Mr. Paruthi is associated with the Real Estate Industry for past many years. He has worked with leading Real Estate consultants across India, Mr. Paruthi has a major role in shaping the face of what we see today in Real Estate across Noida and Greater Noida. A very generous man with a very coherent vision of developing the Real Estate Industry at a National Level.

   Founder, Director

Ms. Pooja Kundu, Founder, Director

Professionalism is her core strength. Ms. Kundu possesses business acumen only few can flaunt in the Real Estate Industry. Belonging from an IT background, she is the origin of innovative ideas and concepts at PARAM HOMES. An ambitious leader with extraordinary capabilities and mentoring skills.

   Founder, Director

Mr. Gaurav Paruthi, Founder, Director

A true paradigm of wisdom and ambition, Mr. Gaurav Paruthi is the third pillar holding PARAM HOMES family together. Clear visionary and high sense of Real Estate work culture makes Mr. Paruthi an essential cog in the PARAM HOMES family.

   Founder, Director

Our Pillars

Mr. Harsh Arora (H.O.D - SALES)

Mr. Arora is a very renowned name in the builder’s lobby with a relevant experience of 17 years and 7 years in Real Estate itself. What team work is, we can acknowledge from his consistent and intangible performance at PARAM HOMES.

   Mr. Harsh Arora
   (Director Sales)

Mr. Gaurav Solanki, Director Sales

Mr. Solanki is a well recognised name among top builders and Real Estate brands because of his previous experience in the Real Estate Industry. A true paradigm of wisdom and ambition, Mr. Solanki is the third pillar holding PARAM HOMES family together. Politically strong, clear visionary and high sense of Real Estate work culture makes Mr. Solanki an essential cog in the PARAM HOMES family.

   Mr. Gaurav Solanki
   (Director Sales)

Mr. Narendra Sharma (H.O.D - SALES)

MBA Finance postgraduate from one of the most prestigious institute of New Delhi, Mr. Sharma is the glue that holds together the entire family at PARAM HOMES. Euipped with excellent leadership qualities and compassion, Mr. Sharma is one of the major faces at the PARAM HOMES Team.

   Mr. Narendra Sharma
   (Director Sales)

Mr. Sandeep Verma (H.O.D - SALES)

Mr. Verma is the Project Head of one of our most significant projects. With Great powers come Great responsibilities and that is actually what people associated with Mr. Verma learn under his influence. A Team Player not only ruling Real Estate but also inclined towards his passion for Cricket and Snooker.

   Mr. Sandeep Verma
   (Director Sales)

Mr. Rahul Sachdeva (H.O.D - SALES)

Possessing a Management Degree from the prominent Guru Nanak Dev University, Mr. Sachdeva is a very rational and suave person. He has a very relevant experience in Real Estate and has achieved heights in the Real Estate Industry because of his dynamic personality and sense of Business.

   Mr. Rahul Sachdeva
   (Director Sales)

Mr. Manish Sachdeva (H.O.D - SALES)

Post graduate in the field of Marketing Management, Mr. Sachdeva has a humungous 10 years of experience in Real Estate. Previously in association with top brands like ANGEL, Victory, Cloud9,etc. Mr. Sachdeva is the eye that monitors every high and low in the Real Estate Market for Param Homes today. Along with being an Excellent Realtor to guide you to your prefect homes, Mr. Sachdeva is the one to rely upon loans and bank advices because of his previous working experience of 4 years with ICICI and Kotak.

   Mr. Manish Sachdeva
   (Director Sales)