World Cancer Day 2020 | Everything You Need to Know

World Cancer Day 2020 | Everything You Need to Know
February 4, 2020 No Comments Public Awareness PARAMHOMES
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“Cancer can be only cured by how you live, why you live and fighting for life that you want to live”

World Cancer Day – The Introduction

Every year on 4th February we all celebrate World Cancer Day to raise awareness and fight this deadly threat to human life. In 2018, there were 18 million cancer cases around the world and it has been elevating since a long time. 9.5 million Men and 8.5 million women have been diagnosed by cancer and out of which 9.6 million deaths were recorded in 2018.

In India also, more than 1400 people die due to cancer every year as recoded by the National Cancer Registry Programme of Indian Council of Medical Research. There was a huge 6% growth rate which was noticed between the periods of 2012 to 2014 in a survey among the top cancer curing hospitals. 4, 78,180 deaths out of 29, 34,314 recorded cases came out which is 3% of the global cancer count.

What is the reason?

Why so many people are facing this life threatening disease?

How is it caused?

How can this be prevented?

Today, in our blog raising awareness against cancer we will be discussing so many valid issues regarding cancer for its prevention and cure.

What is Cancer and how it is caused?

Cancer is a disease which is caused by the genetic changes that leads to uncontrolled growth of cell and results in the formation of tumor. In more common terms, Cancer is an abnormal cell growth and division of cells which often develop in one area but spread due to lymph nodes.

Every day, millions of old cells in our body die and are replaced by new cells. But sometimes when these new cell growths take place, they happen to multiply at an abnormal rate and eventually lead to a lump of unwanted cells in a particular area. This lump of abnormally growth of cells is normal when the cells are smaller in number and are not harmful to health. Other times when these masses start to multiply and do not stop; they form cancerous bodies that are very dangerous.

There are more than 100 types of cancer which include lung cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer, blood cancer, etc.

What are the Symptoms of Cancer?

Depending on the types of cancer, the symptoms can vary for people to people and according to the type of cancer they have. The most common symptoms of cancer that are visible in all types of cancer are:

  • Change in urination and excretion – typically witnessing blood in urine or bowel movement.
  • Slow healing of wounds and sores
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge of some kind.
  • Thickening of a particular surface of body and formation of unusual lump.
  • Indigestion, not able to swallow properly
  • Nagging cough and blood in cough.
What are the Preventions for Cancer?

The following are the preventive measures one can take to avoid Cancer.

  1. TOBACCO KILLS! – Tobacco is one of the most highlighted and proven causes of cancer. Any type of Tobacco consumption, chewing tobacco, smoking, etc are most common cancer causing materials. Chewing tobacco enhance oral world cancer day and pancreatic cancer risks. Smoking on the other hand causes various cancers like mouth cancer, lung cancer, throat and larynx cancer, etc.
  2. HEALTHY DIET IS MUST – Apart from preventing usage of cancerous substances, healthy diet is more important. A Proper diet can even reduce the formation of any unwanted diseases. These steps won’t prevent cancer but can reduce the risk of one developing any kind of illness. Eat a lot of raw and green vegetables avoiding junk and processed foods. Water is must and regular intake of water ensures proper blood circulation and reduces risks of obesity. Alcohol consumption is widely accepted but a lot of alcohol enhances the chances of liver cancer.
  3. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – Yoga and exercise helps in proper blood flow which eventually keeps the cell formation in track. It not only helps in reducing weight, but an evident research proves that adults indulged in physical activities are at lesser risk of developing cancer.
  4. STAY AWAY FROM THE SUN – The UV lights of the sun are the major cause of skin cancer which is elevating due to the depletion in ozone layer and increased pollution. Avoid Sunlight after noon; the UV activity is far higher in the sunlight during noon and later then the morning sunlight. The morning sunlight is actually good and provides a lot of Vitamin D.
  5. VACCINATION FOR PREVENTION – many cancerous infections cater the formation of cancer. Hepatitis B is one of the major causes for liver cancer and can be eliminated by initial vaccination of Hepatitis B. Also, many sexually transmitted diseases also cause genitalia cancer.
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