Why Param Homes is an inspiration in the field of real estate consulting? (Our Inspiration) TBC…

Why Param Homes is an inspiration in the field of real estate consulting? (Our Inspiration) TBC…
July 23, 2019 No Comments Blog PARAMHOMES
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Every individual must have a purpose and it goes the same for the companies. Who doesn’t know about Steve Jobs? The man who built Apple which is today one amongst a few trillion-dollar companies the world. But how did Steve Jobs started with Apple? People who have read about him or followed him know that he visited India to seek his purpose and he came to know about a spiritual guru a teacher named Neem Karoli Baba who used to live at Kainchi, Nainital, India.

Steve Jobs never met him in person as he died before he visited the place he once lived. But he was inspired and highly impressed by his teachings which led him to the path of knowledge and creating a technology that is world-renowned now. Soon after he co-founded Apple the company became a hit in the market and challenged the Microsoft which was founded by Bill Gates. The competition was cut-throat and then the focus shifted from the creation of what people need to sales and profit. The product price didn’t match the purchasing power of the larger audience. This ultimately led to a dilemma for Steve Jobs. He was making products ahead of his time but there was no taker.

He was asked to leave Apple Inc. as his expectations were not matching the actual need of customers and were impacting sales in a negative way.

What did Steve Jobs do next?

Have you ever Finding Nemo or a short film named Piper? If you didn’t; first watch an animation film made by Pixar.

Steve Jobs created Pixar and it was a creatively driven company which is a big name in the animation industry today. To read more about Steve Job’s journey you can read this interesting post by Business Insider.

So why am I discussing Steve Jobs here? This is simply because Param Homes is not just another real estate consulting. It is a family of professionals who are committed to their work and believe in collaboration rather than competition.

We draw inspiration from people like Steve Jobs, or in fact as written by the well known British journalist, Ian Jack in his 2018 write-up in The Guardian – “the new generation that is motivated and combines the cultural values of the traditional Asian family with the life goals of the American teenager.”


We stand for our country and its people and have the vision to offer need and value-based real estate services and solutions for the customer. Currently, we cater to the homebuyers and investors who are interested in property investment in Noida and Greater Noida.

But we have higher goals and with our zeal, passion and dynamism, we will surely change the realty map of India from trust deficit to trust surplus when it comes to property management because we are more need-oriented consulting firm than profit-oriented. The more we draw inspiration, the more we are able to evolve and ultimately we create more value for our customers and business associates, thus eyeing life-long relationships with them.

To be continued…

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