Why a Realtor?

Why a Realtor?
September 28, 2019 No Comments Real Estate PARAMHOMES
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Since I joined a Real Estate consultancy, I got to learn how Real Estate works on a broader scale. Often my relative and friends approach me with the mediocre question, who needs a Realtor? What difference do they make? Isn’t it just a fancy word for the broker?

Well, I always come up with statements that indirectly would answer their question. The human mind is a curious invention. We seek to ponder to the things that are a blur, or I may say uncertainly.  From scientist exploring the universe to a child who is asked not to touch something, they all are curious to know things. And the same goes for the things they perceive by themselves. We develop a better understanding of things that we identify ourselves. You will never forget an idea that you came up with, a recipe you made, a destination you explored.

Why a Realtor | Param Homes
Why a Realtor | Param Homes

So coming back to my gravity of counter questioning someone is to generate the idea in their minds – why is this industry even there?

The counter-question is – why you need a doctor when the pill does the work

Simple as it sounds and probably the readers might be thinking the same, for consultation. The doctor will analyze the ground of why you got a certain disease and will look for all the other factors that might surround it and then give a conclusion to it. Why? Because we can’t compromise our health. Yet we are ready to compromise our lifetime earning when it comes to property investment!

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Property investment is a big deal. Ask someone who is buying a house for their family to live in. It’s a part of their family and generations ahead. A house is as important as surviving. Will you be able to survive without a house? Such a big step for your life and yet we all seem careless about it.

Let me brief you what role does a Realtor will make.

  1. You can never go around and look for suitable properties, Realtors have a team behind them. The team is responsible for filtering out the best prices, best locations, sizes, amenities, etc. When you approach a realtor and inform them about your budget, they will provide you the best options according to your requirements.
  2. You can never know the history of the builder you are dealing with is. But Real Estate consultants know each and every move of builders. Real estate and realtors go hand-in-hand. Realtors will dump options that might harm the consultancies name as well as your name. If they need to stay in business, they have to play authentic.
  3. They are in better touch with the builders. They know the inside story of the property even before you purchased it. So they may give you a fair deal. They always have options for the house in bad conditions but are actually very profitable if build upon.
  4. You are letting go of such a big burden over you heads! Property dealing can be a really hectic task. You will be wasting a lot of time searching, talking, inquiring, negotiating and what not. So you are cracking a good deal eliminating all the worries.

Last but not least; Realtors are in the market to help you find your home. That’s their job and Real estate works best on references than any other medium. A realtor is a onetime thing; they gained a bad repute – they are out of business! So credibility and integrity are what Realtors hold.

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