Enjoy the Festival Of Good Wins Over Evil Dussehra – The Eco-Friendly Way

Enjoy the Festival Of Good Wins Over Evil Dussehra – The Eco-Friendly Way
October 8, 2019 No Comments Real Estate PARAMHOMES
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Dussehra is the day to celebrate the win of good over evil. Decorated with lights, huge pandals, meals at various locations. The nine-divine nights is wrapped on this day by burning out the effigy of Ravana. These 10 days are filled with enjoyment and festivity but once it is over the same locations can be seen in their worst scenarios with wastages and garbage all around.

This is the high time when we all need to understand and implement eco-friendly ways to celebrate the festival. Worshipping Maa Durga and not considering Mother Nature is something that is disturbing. Celebrations should take place with high spirits but we should not forget our environment.  

Here are a few tips to guide you through an eco-friendly Dussehra:

Use of recyclable products

After the pooja, the prasadam and other eatables are being distributed among the people in a large number irrespective of status, caste and religion. All this distribution requires a number of plates and glasses. In this process, we should try to use the degradable materials which are now easily available or servings made on large leaves is also a good thought. Products that are recyclable or degradable tend to reduce the harmful impact on nature. 

Worshipping Eco-Friendly Idols

Nowadays, we could easily see the awareness among people regarding the use of eco-friendly idols. In contemporary times, clay was used to create the idols of gods and goddesses. But with growing times, the idols were started to be made with Plaster of Paris (PoP) to keep them intact. Wherein, PoP is a harmful element for the environment. So, when we immerse the idols of PoP in water, they highly pollute the river. Thus, we should follow the traditional method of clay idols. And, also try to use organically made colors as chemical colors are harmful.

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Avoid Fireworks and Crackers

India is a country where fireworks and crackers are considered a vital part of celebrations. Either it be Diwali or wedding procession, fireworks tend are used in abundance. On Dussehra, the statue of Ravana is burnt and a lot many crackers are used. But these crackers highly harm the environment and use of these should be avoided as it creates both noise and air pollution. 

Use the Environment’s product

Use the environment-friendly material to decorate the pandals. We should try to make use of paper products rather that plastic. The use of Bamboo and energy-saving electrical should be taken in use.

Recycle after use

Once the celebrations are done, the products and materials used should be avoided as much as it is possible. The used flowers can be used for the compost for other plants and the idol should be immersed in the separate water containers, which further can be used for gardening.

Being responsible for the environment should be kept in mind while celebrating any festivals. It’s high time now and the right time to start conserving the mother nature. 

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So, let’s celebrate an eco-friendly Dussehra this time to set an example for our coming generations and gift them a healthy environment to live in.

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