Real Estate Guide: The Best Investment On Earth is Earth

Real Estate Guide: The Best Investment On Earth is Earth
October 4, 2019 2 Comments Real Estate PARAMHOMES
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Real Estate Investment is the Best Investment!

Everyone is familiar with the name Donald Trump, The current president of the United States and for those who don’t know, he is one great illustration of Real estate Successor today. A real estate developer, a businessman and also the President of one the most powerful economy in the world, Donald trump stands with a net worth estimated at $7 billion to $10 billion. The most recent list of global billionaires, released by Forbes in September 2018, Trump is in the 766th position with a net worth of $8.1 billion.

He is actually the First Billionaire President Of The United States.

How did an Economics Graduate hit the heights and reached the List Of Billionaires?

The best investment as said, It is indeed. Real Estate is dominant! For those who don’t know, it’s a mere business medium, but those who have a thorough knowledge and approach, they are leading an entire nation. Donald Trump’s secret to success is Real Estate. He began his real estate career at his father’s company, and today he is worth billions and is an inspiration to many Real Estate Developers.

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Real estate is the best investment. Whether big or small, everyone should invest in real estate. It is such a platform that will never depreciate. With the rising demand, Real estate sector is intensifying with a pace that no other strategy can challenge!

  • Best in generating passive income
  • Good long term investment
  • Value is proportional to time
  • Overall strategy to begin building wealth
  • Lucrative and reliable way to generate sustainable returns
  • Appreciation potential
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Tax advantages

If you want to earn more in a limited amount of time, keeping investing in Real estate. There isn’t just one way you invest in real estate. Buying a property is one of the easiest definitions of Real Estate, but more exists. House flipping – renovating a property and selling it at a better price, Wholesaling, Rental properties, Short term rentals (party halls, banquet halls, etc), Private Equity Funds, Opportunity Funds, Real Estate Mutual Funds and REITS – real estate investment trusts are some of the other renowned ways of investing in real estate.

How can you generate money out of Real estate?the best investment
  1. Loan Interest Payments – It A is the owner of a property and B needs to buy the property but doesn’t have enough assets to purchase it, A can loan the property to B at an interest rate. Easiest of all. This kind of strategy is often used by private equity funds, opportunity funds, real estate mutual funds and REITs.
  2. Appreciation And House Flipping – Everyone knows what is going to be the next upcoming development zone in their area. Often builders buy land in that particular area at a lower price and as the development rise, so will the price of the land and who knows at what rate it might hit. You will always get appreciation and that’s why it is the best investment. You can never face loss in real estate. Another is house flipping. Buy a property and furnish or renovate it and you will see that the market value will rise as soon as you get is done.
  3. Rentals – This is considered as the best and easiest way to generate a passive income for you. Buy a property and rent it out! You only need to find the tenants. Even if you bought the property on loan, sometimes the rent itself compensates the the loan amount and you get to own the property after a while and still get the rent out of it.

But most important out of all is the LOCATION. The location of the property plays the major role in deciding the rent, the appreciation as well as the number of tenants interested. You need to have a keen knowledge about the area that will face escalation in near future.  And Greater Noida is the key for the best investment.

Hub of IT, Greenest and most pollution free zone of NCR, Proposed Location of INDIA’S largest International Airport and Proposed 4th largest Night safari in the world, GREATER NOIDA is the upcoming future of INDIA. The Real Estate growth in this region is faster than any other region in the country.

PARAM HOMES is the Leading Real Estate Consultancy dealing with Properties in GREATER NOIDA & NOIDA.  Whether commercial or residential, we have all the options here for you. Under “FESTIVE HOME RUSH 2, we have sorted out some of the best properties that will enhance your chance of growth and reduce a lot of burden from your head. Visit us and will we promise you your property in the location that is not just appropriate but will elevate your business and will prove the best investment!

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Thanks for interesting share! I always believe that real estate is one of great things for investment. It’s also the best way to earn with big amount of money at the short time. just do it!