“Take risks, experiment and be creative” like these companies are doing…

“Take risks, experiment and be creative” like these companies are doing…
July 20, 2019 No Comments Real Estate PARAMHOMES
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Who doesn’t know Sundar Pichai? He is an Indian American leading one of the biggest tech companies in the world. A few years back, when he came to meet Indian students after being raised to the position of CEO of Google Inc. he shared what would be the future of technology. The crux of what he said was “Take risks, experiment and be creative”

Google is known for being one of the most creative companies around the globe. Watch this Google Doodle.

Let us talk a bit about Steve Jobs now. When Steve Jobs was facing some doubts regarding the creation of Apple, he visited India in search of a spiritual guru. As told by famous orator, spiritual guru and an international icon Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, ‘India is the land of seekers, not believers.’ This is why generation to generation, people from various countries have come to the land of Aryans, to find their purpose.

You might know that Steve Jobs made Neem Karoli Baba his guru and then started up with the Apple Inc. He recommended the same to Mark Zuckerberg who also visited the same guru at Haridwar.

For sure, India or ‘Bharat’ has the capability of changing ordinary to extraordinary. In past, the rich cultural heritage, unity in diversity, the abundance of literature and creativity attracted the world to the land of India. It is for the same reason that Columbus and many others set off from their motherlands in search of India. We were rich in agriculture, spiritual knowledge, working knowledge of almost every industry.

Metallurgy existed in India long before Western countries invented it. The Ashoka Pillar stands as testimony to the fact. We had great mathematicians, painters, sculptors, musicians, singers, weavers, and whatnot.

A Hindi word called ‘sampatti’ is a synonym to heritage or property. When we talk about real estate, sampatti is the right word to use in India I think. The reason behind I say so, just think for a moment that how we were raised by our parents. They cared for us, they gave us food, education, love, and much more. It created value in us and thus we started acquiring wealth with the knowledge we gained.

Let us come to property or real estate now. How is a real estate built? Someone dreams of creating something big, which will change the lives of many. That person is called a real estate developer. The dream is set by the visionary leader and a team is assigned with the task to ready the concept. Once the model is ready it is reviewed and rectified as per the liking of the developer. But before dreaming about how any development would be, the leader or the real estate developer thinks about how the project can change the lives of many. This is so because if the real estate or sampatti doesn’t add value to the lives of people, it won’t find a buyer.

So the real estate development starts taking place. Entire team or the company focuses upon sharing their dream and vision of their real estate product with the people who will make this dream their own. This is why they advertise. The advertisement attracts many but only those stick who identify their dream home as a part of a bigger dream that the developer has envisioned.

Coming back to the “Take risks, experiment and be creative” mantra shared by Sundar Pichai, there are few real estate developers who have this courage, patience focus and imagination to create the uncreated, build the unbuild, give birth to something unborn. An architect plays a big role in all of this. Also, the companies that provide the developer with the raw materials create value to the finished real estate product; be it affordable 1BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK homes, villas, penthouses, or anything that you may name to sell it.

Same goes for the commercial real estate development which is seeing more of mixed-use projects these days. Like I said before, you cannot create something that is not needed by people. Forget customers, how do you connect to people at large. When you think global and act locally. I think that can be the simplest answer to that.

Let me discuss one residential project and one commercial project that I really admired for the kind of dream they are by their respective leaders or team.

First one is Godrej Palm Resort, which addresses the needs of the high-income group in Delhi NCR. This is the economic class of India that looks for quality, peace, and posh location. But most of all they care about the health of their loved ones be it, kids or parents. It is the first-ever housing project in north India by Godrej Properties that have been built using this concept and I personally love it.

Coming to the commercial project the benchmark of experimentation, innovation and creativity has recently been set up Ashish Bhutani who is leading the Bhutani group as CEO along with Sanchit Bhutani and Dr. Amish Bhutani. They are in the process of building an enchanting mixed use world of retail shops, office spaces, dining outlets and recreational areas that will set a benchmark for other commercial real estate developers. The Bhutani Group has always believed in innovation and evolution. After successful deliveries and projects like ithum, Alphathum, and Cyberthum, they have conceived Grandthum. Like its name it is grand. Why I say so? Just because the project have a yacht club pool and it will sure attract a lot of businesses, entrepreneurs and investors. After all, who doesn’t like to work in a relaxed environment? Somewhere you can enjoy with your colleagues and unwind anytime.

Bonus example: ATS Nobility is another residential project that I have simply fallen in love with. It targets those looking for privacy and majorly young, soon to be married or just married would love such a concept. They have a tagline – Two apartments per floor. Only one neighbor. I also liked the kind of advertisement they created for it which uses a painting effect evoking emotions such as intimacy and privacy.  

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