Real Estate in Noida is the Safest TODAY! – CREDAI

Real Estate in Noida is the Safest TODAY! – CREDAI
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Real Estate in Noida – On 12th of March 2019, CREDAI – The Confederation of Real Estate Developers in India circulated 2 images of how investment in Real Estate is hitting the GDP, while the entire country is facing the horror of depletion in the current GDP growth as the previous data.

The next morning, 13th of March 2019, newspaper, social media, etc were all discussing the rapid degeneration in the GDP as soon as the Sensex rates were aired. The Global Sensex dropped to 10,000 points in just 1 month resulting in a massive market loss of $1.5 Trillion.

This is the first time in 12 years that the Indian Market has hit such a lower circuit. The recent collapse of YES Bank, the Corona Virus outbreaks that halted trading from various countries and also, the ban of Visa on China, France, Italy, Iran, Spain, and South Korea have also assisted this major drop in the Global as well as National GDP stats. TCS, Reliance Industries, Axis Bank, ONGC, Tata Steel, Tech Mahindra and State Bank of India including many others lost over 10%. If viewed on overall statistics, 1200+ stocks were underlined red against less than 90 gainers.

Where the entire country was facing a downfall, the CREDAI and the UP Government announced Noida as the First among all districts, accounting for a total of 10.12% of the state’s GDP despite facing a minor downfall of 0.17% in 2017-18. The state’s latest district gross domestic product figures released by UP government reveal massive economic disparities among various districts in the state, calling for swift corrective action at a time when the aim is to make UP a one trillion dollar economy.

Noida is first in terms of per capita income too, with an average of Rs 6.71 lakh per annum, while Balrampur is at the end of list with average per capita income of just Rs 32,305 per annum. Lucknow, which is second behind Noida, contributes 3.85% of state GDP, even though it lags at less than 40% of Noida’s figures The share of various regions to state GDP has remained almost constant, once again emphasizing a wide chasm between the developed and underdeveloped expanses of the state. While west UP accounts for 51.71% of state GDP, the lagging Bundelkhand accounts for just 5.22%, though it has risen from 4.95% bringing some solace to the government. (LINK – )

Real Estate in Noida – A Foundation to be trusted!

When the entire nation is facing the crisis of lower GDP rates, it is advised and already in news that Real Estate investment in Noida region is the only segment that has a promising future. Along with been one of the safest investment today, Real Estate in Noida is actually your only option with respect to Gold and Stock Market investment.

  • The safest to invest, unlike gold which needs to be kept securely and also faces no depreciation in the future.
  • Real Estate tends to always grow! Even when the entire economy is lower, Real Estate is still striking the bars.
  • Stock Markets fluctuate very rapidly. Real Estate on the other hand  can serve as a temporary investment option when no other options is available.
  •  GDP will tend to higher the prices of Real Estate in Noida. Right now, due to the Buyer’s Market in Noida and Navratri following up, many developers have launched various offers on reduced rates of Commercial as well as Residential Properties in Noida.

This is undoubtedly the best time and place to make your investment. If you need any help in searching for the adequate property to fit your needs and also suffice your desire for additional incomes, you can contact us and PARAM HOMES is here for your HELP! 

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