Why Real Estate investment is the most reliable?

Why Real Estate investment is the most reliable?
June 15, 2020 3 Comments Affordable Housing, Real Estate, Real Estate News PARAMHOMES
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In this blog, we would know Why Real Estate investment is the most reliable? We welcomed 2020 with great enthusiasm and cheers, who would have known that we all will end up like this locked up in our homes. When the day-to-day life suddenly takes an u-turn and moving around from homes to offices, offices to homes, weekends to be stress busters gets into roaming around in the home only from the bedroom to kitchen to dining to living area.

The landing ups of unfortunate events and making 2020 the worst to experience, we need to get up and think positively to fight against the pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that uncertainties can come unexpectedly, so we need to manage ourselves and our investments to deal with it. Various possible options of investment exists that can secure the future of the family and can start some additional income.

The condition of the market does not support investing in various assets or any other option that looks safe only in the initial stages.  Though options like mutual funds, SIP, shares, and many more, Real Estate tops the chart as the most reliable Investment.

4 Main Reasons to Choose REAL ESTATE

  • Rates at the five years lowest

The real estate is experiencing the 5 years lowest rates as of now which is considered to be the best time to make an investment in the real estate industry. As the current situation is not hidden from any one of us, there is a demand deficit in the market due to which the prices are tending to be lower. But gradually with time, the demand curve will start moving upwards with a reduction in discounts and rises in prices for the same. Leaving you with great appreciation for your purchase.

  • Attractive offers by builders

Real estate is suffering the lowest of all times. So, in order to boost the sales graph and sell their property, builders are offering great offers to customers with easy payment plans, freebies, and others. Make it an opportunity and invest your hard-earned money in real estate today.

  • Repo rate reduction(interest rate on loans to reduce)

As with the announcement of a reduction in repo rate, property buying becomes easy on the pocket. The reduced repo rate by .75% will ultimately lead to a lowering of interest rate on home loans. Now, it will be a little less trouble-free for the customers to pay the monthly EMI’s. So, considering this to be the cherry on the cake, book your dream property today.      

  • Rental as an additional source of income

These days the option of various small investments is being introduced in the real estate market where you get rental from the first day. In the uncertainties, this passive/additional income comes as the saviour.   

  • Miscellaneous 

All other investments like FD’s, mutual funds, shares, and SIP all on paper and have no physical evidence. Whereas the real estate grows with you, even if the prices do not appreciate you will have a property standing right in front of you that can be self-used or rented.

Both residential and commercial properties by renowned builders at various locations of Noida, Greater Noida, Greater Noida West, and Yamuna Expressway are offering some never before deals. Considering the current scenario, real estate proves to be the most valuable and reliable form of investment for anyone who intends to secure and safeguard the future of their family.    

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