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World Television Day – You Need to Know
November 21, 2019 Public Awareness admin

World Television Day Every year 21st November is observed as World Television Day that marks the great importance of TV in our lives. It is a global event that helps the people to remember the benefits of television. People also search: UNIVERSAL CHILDREN’S DAY | A DAY TO CELEBRATE CHILDHOOD This day support the development

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Universal Children’s Day | A Day to Celebrate Childhood
November 20, 2019 Public Awareness admin

So, today is Universal Children’s Day. Also called as International Children’s Day or World Children’s Day, this day marks the first establishment for Children’s rights that took place in 1954 and as a legacy is celebrated every year to promote child welfare, children’s rights and to promote awareness and togetherness amongst all children. Read Also:

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International Men’s Day 2019: History, Importance, Theme, and Celebrations
November 19, 2019 Public Awareness admin

History of International Men’s Day It is a global event that is celebrated on 19th November every year. It was inaugurated on 7th February 1992 by Thomas Oaster wherein the project was conceived a year earlier on 8th February 1991. In 1991, the project again launched in Trinidad and Tobago.  International Men’s Day is now

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Bhagat Singh Park – Peace in the Greens Sector 150 Noida
November 15, 2019 Real Estate admin

Bhagat Singh Park – Highlights of The Project Bhagat Singh Park is constructed in the memories of Martyr Bhagat Singh to honor the sacrifice he made in the freedom struggle. The idea of developing a park in the memory of Shaheed Bhagat Singh was envisioned in January 2016, but it took two years to start

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Naye India Ka Naya Office – Bhutani Group #youngistaan
November 7, 2019 Real Estate admin

It’s an Achievement for everyone! It’s a milestone we have crossed! It’s hard work that is paying off! And it’s a bond for a lifetime. We at PARAM HOMES feel spellbound today for the honor we received from BHUTANI GROUP. In Real Estate we believe in building bonds and relationships. It’s true that there are

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