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Why Monsoon season is considered ideal for Investment in property?
August 9, 2019 Affordable Housing, Luxury Homes, Real Estate admin

The monsoon season or the rainy season is one of the ideal seasons for making property investment. During the rainy season, you can get the clear picture about the project infrastructure, quality of construction and facilities at the main site which are the main reasons for someone to plan investment in property. Buyers can estimate

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What are key factors that drive the Real Estate market?
August 2, 2019 Affordable Housing, Public Awareness, Real Estate admin

Real Estate Sector in any country is one of the most significant parts of people’s wealth as they save their income and when they find themselves capable for the investment, the first thought comes out to be the realty sector. According to most of the surveys, the size and scale of RE market make it

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Why Param Homes is an inspiration in the field of real estate consulting? (Our Inspiration) TBC…
July 23, 2019 Blog admin

Every individual must have a purpose and it goes the same for the companies. Who doesn’t know about Steve Jobs? The man who built Apple which is today one amongst a few trillion-dollar companies the world. But how did Steve Jobs started with Apple? People who have read about him or followed him know that

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“Take risks, experiment and be creative” like these companies are doing…
July 20, 2019 Real Estate admin

Who doesn’t know Sundar Pichai? He is an Indian American leading one of the biggest tech companies in the world. A few years back, when he came to meet Indian students after being raised to the position of CEO of Google Inc. he shared what would be the future of technology. The crux of what

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