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Union Budget Highlights 2020 | Param Realty Blog
February 3, 2020 Public Awareness PARAMHOMES

The first Budget of the new decade presented today by Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman gives an outline of a New and Confident India. It is a promising, proactive and progressive Budget which will make India healthy and wealthy in coming years. ‬ The Budget 2020-21 has a clear focus on the welfare and development

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Live Updates: Union Budget-2020 By Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman
February 1, 2020 Public Awareness PARAMHOMES

Live Updates Of Lok Sabha Budget 2020 Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman is presenting her second Union Budget. Union Budget 2020 aims to boost the income of the people.   11:03 (IST), FEB 01 In May 2019, PM Modi received a massive mandate again. We commit ourselves to serve the people of India with all humility

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Happy Republic Day 2020 – Do You know Why Republic Day is Celebrated
January 26, 2020 Real Estate PARAMHOMES

Every year on the 26th of January, we celebrate Republic Day. People from entire India join together in this mega occasion and hoist flags. From Schools to offices and from private firms to commercial spaces, the Republic Day celebration is observed on a vast scale. Unlike every other year, this year also the annual parade

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National Girl Child Day 2020 | Celebrated | Significance | Theme
January 24, 2020 Public Awareness PARAMHOMES

“If she is strong enough to give birth, She is important enough to gain education.      If she is given away as a daughter,      She should be treated like a daughter.             If she is expected to be fertile,             Let her live and watch her SMILE!” Every year with the same objective of

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Thinking for a Second Home? – We can Help!
January 21, 2020 Real Estate News PARAMHOMES

Should you buy a Second Home? Buying a Second Home is a great experience. By the time you think about investing in a second home, you are enough stable in your life, have collected savings and now you think about multiplying it within the time. Apart from investment point-of-view, people also invest in second home

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