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Dwell in the lands of Krishn Bhoomi – Gaur Krishn Villas
January 4, 2020 Real Estate News admin

A peace of mind and state-of-the-art luxury homes, Gaur Krishn Villas is advancing in the construction of its iconic “ Lord Krishna Murti” in its Gaur Yamuna City. As promised by Gaursons, this idol is going to be the landmark that defines Gaur Yamuna City as the Contemporary Krishn Bhoomi and is an ideal residence

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Jewar International Airport – Preparing for take-off in 2020
January 3, 2020 Public Awareness admin

Jewar International Airport – A Detailed Synopsis Jewar Airport – The Master Plan Jewar Airport is proposed airport in the vicinity of Noida and is located at 35km from Noida in Greater Noida. The proposed plan is to build a runway airport by 2022-23 and will handle 5 million passengers per annum initially. The future

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Gaur Castlevania – Introducing European Style Project in India!
December 19, 2019 Real Estate admin

Gaur Castlevania is out for launch and now is available for bookings. A mesmerising township within the Intergated township of GYC (Gaur Yamuna City).  Gaur Castlevania is located across the 4th Park view inside the GYC township. This residential property in Yamuna Expressway is RERA approved ( RERA Reg. No. – UPRERAPRJ538911 )  and is

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What Do You Need To Know While Investing in Commercial Property?
December 16, 2019 Real Estate admin

Is Investing in Commercial Property difficult? We don’t think so investing in Commercial property is difficult. This is because we have filtered out the most economical and uptown commercial properties in Noida that not only will elevate your commercial property but will also serve you as a great medium of return on that commercial property

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World Energy Conservation Day – 14th December 2019
December 14, 2019 Public Awareness, Special Days admin

World Energy Conservation Day World Energy Conservation Day is celebrated every year on 14th of December. Energy is an essential element to sustain our lives but unfortunately the same source that is making earth habitable for us is making earth inhabitable itself. The energy we consume is extracted in majority by burning fossil fuels, which

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