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Planning to invest in Real Estate? – Answer that Helped!
February 21, 2020 Real Estate admin

Investing in Real Estate – A Tough JOB! Investing in Real Estate can be tough when you are not familiar with all the elements that come along with it. Finding the right property, thinking about the market growth, the expected appreciation of the property, Residential or Commercial, taking care of the second property and what

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Top 4 Real Estate Consultants in Noida and Delhi/NCR
February 15, 2020 Real Estate admin

When we talk about top Real Estate Consultants in Noida, only few are familiar with good and economic consultants that can help you find your ideal home with less worries and in minimum time. Uncountable fraud and money-consuming consulting agencies are running in Noida which are not only unreliable but also are taking away your

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National Women’s Day – A Day to Remember the Nightingale of India
February 13, 2020 Public Awareness admin

National Women’s Day Every year on 13th February, we celebrate National Women’s Day to honour one of the strongest legends ever lived on the lands of mother India, Sarojini Naidu. A politician, a poet, and a name India will remember forever in the Indian history. Sarojini Naidu had a major contribution in empowering women in

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World Cancer Day 2020 | Everything You Need to Know
February 4, 2020 Public Awareness admin

“Cancer can be only cured by how you live, why you live and fighting for life that you want to live” World Cancer Day – The Introduction Every year on 4th February we all celebrate World Cancer Day to raise awareness and fight this deadly threat to human life. In 2018, there were 18 million

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Union Budget Highlights 2020 | Param Realty Blog
February 3, 2020 Public Awareness admin

The first Budget of the new decade presented today by Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman gives an outline of a New and Confident India. It is a promising, proactive and progressive Budget which will make India healthy and wealthy in coming years. ‬ The Budget 2020-21 has a clear focus on the welfare and development

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