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Importance of Buy an Apartment/Home in the Aftermath of COVID-19 in India
August 24, 2020 Blog PARAMHOMES

Buy an apartment/home- “Each hindrance is an open door holding on to uncover itself.” Opportunities don’t come thumping your entryway consistently. In this way, if it’s not too much trouble take advantage of the possibilities and profit by them. The COVID-19 pandemic set up that possessing a house is path superior to living in a

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Timeline Extension of Real Estate Projects Under RERA: All you need to know
August 17, 2020 Real Estate PARAMHOMES

Real Estate Projects– Taking into account that homebuyers don’t profit much from it, it is prudent for them to demand engineers for an update of their understandings and deal deeds The COVID-19 pandemic has not saved any industry or business, in particular India’s land segment, which was battling even before the pandemic hit. The huge

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Jewar Airport to give a further Boost to Sector 150, Noida
August 4, 2020 Real Estate News PARAMHOMES

Among the different pockets in Noida–Greater Noida, Sector 150 is the most favored realty goal, having a mix of private and business portions. In its journey to achieve ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, the Central government just as many state governments have taken a large number of measures to draw in interest in the nation. Much like different

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Why Real Estate investment is the most reliable?
June 15, 2020 Affordable Housing, Real Estate, Real Estate News PARAMHOMES

In this blog, we would know Why Real Estate investment is the most reliable? We welcomed 2020 with great enthusiasm and cheers, who would have known that we all will end up like this locked up in our homes. When the day-to-day life suddenly takes an u-turn and moving around from homes to offices, offices

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How Can We Beat Covid-19 Pandemic by Taking Proper Precautionary Measures?
June 10, 2020 Public Awareness PARAMHOMES

As for the time we have to start living with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the situation that we never expected and had ever witnessed country lockdown. With the unexpected and unfortunate crisis that has landed upon us and almost 3 months of lockdown with only essential items available to all. As of 1st June

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