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Manual Sweeping – “A Menace for Air We Breathe”
November 6, 2019 Real Estate admin

As the air quality is improving at a slower pace, all the administrations have hastened on the methods and ideologies to eliminate the already worsening the condition of Delhi Pollution in the country. Odd-even was seen being implemented again for a week’s tenure for the improvement of the situation in the National Capital, UP Government

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Odd-Even? – Government Against The Smoke City!
November 5, 2019 Real Estate admin

DELHI GOVERNMENT AGAIN IMPLEMENTED THE ODD-EVEN RATIONING ROAD SCHEME With the rise of smoke in the national capital, New Delhi was alarming on Sunday morning with the air quality index of 1095! In our previous post as mentioned, the highest recorded Air Quality index was 642 termed as “severe-plus emergency” which was already a very

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Delhi Pollution – A City Standing with NO Solution!
November 1, 2019 Real Estate admin

Improved methodology to ascertain the pollution levels in Delhi NCR has been introduced and is now being shared with other states as well. The methodology which is used by the apex Delhi Pollution Control Board is implemented in the most affected areas. On Wednesday, a meeting was called among the implementing agencies; the State Pollution

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Investing In Real Estate or Stock Market: Which One Is Better?
October 31, 2019 Public Awareness, Real Estate admin

Investment is one of the important things to do to enjoy your post retirement life. It is always suggested to invest in different assets rather than putting up all savings in a particular asset segment. It can be real estate, gold, stock market or funds. All these classes help in growth in monetary terms but

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Top 4 Reasons Why Real Estate Investment Is Better Than Gold Investment?
October 16, 2019 Real Estate admin

Why Gold was considered the best investment? Gold is a matter of pride and complete showoff. We Indians are always inclined towards Gold and believe that it symbolizes high economic status in society. At one time it was considered judicious to invest in gold and looking into the history people tend to mean gold the

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