Odd-Even? – Government Against The Smoke City!

Odd-Even? – Government Against The Smoke City!
November 5, 2019 No Comments Real Estate PARAMHOMES
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With the rise of smoke in the national capital, New Delhi was alarming on Sunday morning with the air quality index of 1095! In our previous post as mentioned, the highest recorded Air Quality index was 642 termed as “severe-plus emergency” which was already a very hazardous and critical air quality after the grand celebration of Diwali. And with the addition of agriculture fires in Punjab and Haryana, The air quality deteriorates and the New Delhi skies turned gray and opaque.

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While people were busy promoting burning crackers this Diwali, the Delhi Government was much more concerned with improving health and eliminating the pollution among the Delhiites. Arvind Kejriwal pleaded on Sunday addressed the pollution issues and was standing against the fight for the pollution with the upcoming odd-even rationing road scheme which was to be implemented on Monday morning i.e. November 4th  2019 from 8 a.m.

Even dates for Even Vehicles!

Delhi Government expects that odd-even rule will set half the traffic on the roads and will be a major step against air pollution in Delhi. As very well known #Oddeven rule, capitals private petrol, diesel and CNG run vehicles cars with even number will be allowed on the even dates of the month while odd cars will be allowed on odd dates.

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Chalan for Violators!

Recently the traffic challan rules were amended and this time again it is followed as odd-even hits the road. On Monday, Private vehicles ending with an odd number plate would pay Rs. 4000 as fine if they venture out on the roads. Cars with school children are exempted. Also, emergency vehicles and ambulances are allowed. Also, vehicles from other states would be allowed but with the help of Traffic police deployed at the outskirts of the city, they won’t be allowed in the city. Centre constructed the eastern and western peripheral expressway which stopped trucks and large vehicles from entering the city.

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Delhi Metro accelerating its Help!

As the odd-even is applied, Delhi metro is on full support to help the people reach their destination when their vehicle is exempted. An additional 61 trips and 294 trains are introduced between November 4th till November 15th making 5100 total trips daily.

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Government bahut kuch karti hai!

Delhi Government also said that the top reason for this sudden air quality downfall is the agriculture fires in Punjab and Haryana. But #oddeven will tend to cure the situation a little and appealed the deities to join hands against the situation. Also, afforestation has been carried out and over 600 acres of land has been utilized to increase the state’s forest-covered zone and will definitely help reduce pollution.

Though people with jobs and personal vehicles still criticize this step against the pollution, the government is forecasting spending billions on national health and inventing ideas on how to improve the situation. So it is a humble request maybe you have to wake up a bit early because today you might not be riding your own vehicle, but will be paying a little contribution to a better future.

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Health is Wealth, and Pollution isn’t the solution. So have a little patience and help the government fight against Air pollution. Generate Awareness regarding the #oddeven rule and become a part of this anti-pollution notion. The air which is polluted is what you are breathing, so even if not for others, do it for yourself first!

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