National Girl Child Day 2020 | Celebrated | Significance | Theme

National Girl Child Day 2020 | Celebrated | Significance | Theme
January 24, 2020 2 Comments Public Awareness PARAMHOMES
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“If she is strong enough to give birth,

She is important enough to gain education.

     If she is given away as a daughter,

     She should be treated like a daughter.

            If she is expected to be fertile,

            Let her live and watch her SMILE!”

Every year with the same objective of spreading awareness about the Girl Child, National Girl Child Day is celebrated on 24th January. The theme for National Girl Child Day for year 2019 was “Empowering Girls for a Brighter Future”. Started by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and Government of India, National Girl Child Day came into force but still very few people are aware about this day and even fewer realise the importance of this massively reducing gender in our society.


Girl Child Day – It’s Objectives

  • To spread awareness among people about all the inequalities faced by girls in the country.
  • To promote awareness about the rights of a girl child.
  • To increase awareness on the importance of girl education, health, and nutrition

On the occasion of Girl Child Day, Today we will be highlighting some much known but less confronted fact of the reducing gender.

Girl Child – What the Statistics say?

According to the latest Health Index by Save the Children – A global non-profit organisation, the India’s boy-to-girl sex ratio at birth have declined 17 of 21 large states. This signals a failure in the nation’s ability to curb female selective abortion after illegal sex disclosure. The State which is the winner in the race of declining girl-boy ratio is “Haryana”, where the sex ratio is nearly 877 females to 1000 males.


Very shocking but this is just one state where the records are quite evident. We have 29 states in the country and only one state stands high in the sex ration which is “KERALA”. Remember, this is the same Kerala renowned for its high literacy rate.

If we try to connect the two very main points that emerged for the data above, Literacy rate is the result of a healthy female ratio in the state. If you ever visit Kerala, the ambience is so liberal and safe that you will encounter females working at petrol pumps, and other commercial spaces at late night without any signs of danger.

Another reason to this can be that, if you have a lot of females in your house, you will eventually counter the struggles women go through entire there life which generates a respect towards the other gender.

Apart from the fact that people in India are more concerned in multiplying their DNA through boy-child, no other reason stands for aborting the girl child. Female foeticide, Rape and Murders, Acid attacks are all that every female fears that she will face being born in our country.

Our country is our motherland and we ought to clean it not pollute it from this gender discrimation. And To eliminate such thoughts, apart from education, we have to teach our males how to respect women and also how essential they are in a family.

If she wasn’t born, you won’t have been born!

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Wishing for all the the girls day to be Healthy and Happy forever.


Thank u for your amazing content. I would like to share my ideas also. Girls are having the right to take their decisions. They not only make people proud but they follow their “Inner Voice” which makes them stronger. This video inspired me a lot