Manual Sweeping – “A Menace for Air We Breathe”

Manual Sweeping – “A Menace for Air We Breathe”
November 6, 2019 No Comments Real Estate PARAMHOMES
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As the air quality is improving at a slower pace, all the administrations have hastened on the methods and ideologies to eliminate the already worsening the condition of Delhi Pollution in the country. Odd-even was seen being implemented again for a week’s tenure for the improvement of the situation in the National Capital, UP Government stands next in the queue advancing towards reducing pollution in Noida And Greater Noida.

Manual Sweeping, a very common practice run in the country has a very hazardous impact on the surrounding. The dust that piles up along the roadside kicks up dust when manual sweeping is performed. This leads to the already-settled dust to rise and pollute the environment. As very well known, Pollution is also measured by the number of dust particles present in the air along with harmful gases produced.

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The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) terms Manual Sweeping as a menace and has asked the assigned authorities to reduce the manual sweeping practices by modifying it into Mechanically-Driven sweepers. Mr. Utsav Sharma, an environmental engineer in the UPPCB confirms that mechanical sweeping not only help to keep the city clean, it also keeps the dust close to the ground preventing it from being released into the air which often appears due to manual sweeping.

Currently, only Six mechanical Sweepers are there to sweep 700 km of road in Noida and Greater Noida which is grossly inadequate. Only 300 km of road is swept with six mechanical sweepers and the rest 400 km is left either unclean or up to the hands of manual sweeping. The UPPCB has requested two authorities to procure the machines but to no avail. To this Mr. SC Mishra, The DGM of Health at Noida Authority said three more machines will be procured within a short period.

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But let’s face it, why we seek the solution when the mistake has already been done? Past years have made it very evident that the air quality is deteriorating day by day and has no end to it. But with the advancement in technologies, we gained the brains to seek better answers on how we can reduce pollution. Early vertical gardening was adopted by the entire nation and now metro pillars around the country have been utilized as “Vertical- Garden” which is a great achievement.

So if we need technology to give all the answers, we need mechanical sweepers in order to reduce the dust particles that rise back due manual sweeping. The need for such technologies will enhance as the Air Quality depraves.

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