Investing In Real Estate or Stock Market: Which One Is Better?

Investing In Real Estate or Stock Market: Which One Is Better?
October 31, 2019 1 Comment Public Awareness, Real Estate PARAMHOMES
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Investment is one of the important things to do to enjoy your post retirement life. It is always suggested to invest in different assets rather than putting up all savings in a particular asset segment. It can be real estate, gold, stock market or funds. All these classes help in growth in monetary terms but as an individual one will prefer real estate or the stock market because of their benefits and returns.

Real estate investment is physical investment where you buy a plot or a piece of land wherein in stock market investment is the buying of shares of any company and it is non-physical. Every investment comes with the risks associated with it, so before entering into any investment you should go for some research and proper understanding.

Read this blog to know about the pros of investing in real estate versus stock market.  

Investing in Real Estate


  • In today’s time real estate investment has become safer than any other type of investment.
  • You can see the growth of your asset and shift with loved ones.
  • It is easy to check the developer’s profile and projects.
  • Chance to higher ROI and price appreciation.
  • Rental income can act as an additional source of income.
  • You can avail tax benfits.
  • RERA, GST and other government policies have made realty sector a perfect place for investment.

Investing in the Stock Market


  • Stock market is a wealth creator among all assets classes.
  • Helps in earning high returns.
  • Stock market investment does not need much of research as there are wealth managers who can guide you to invest.
  • Much more diversified than any other investment.
  • Selling stocks and shares is much easier than real estate.  

Both the investments are good on their parts. Real Estate is still a better option as there are more chances of appreciation and better returns. Also, the rental income acts as an additional source of investment.

Choice is yours!!! Choose wise and think twice…

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