Are You Aware Of These Government Initiatives in Noida and Greater Noida?

Are You Aware Of These Government Initiatives in Noida and Greater Noida?
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India is changing in several aspects and the current government initiatives are a testimony to how new initiatives are being planned and executed at a very fast pace. Real estate does not work in an isolated environment. Any positive change at a location, a region, a city or a state has the capability to push the real estate sector, be it residential or commercial real estate.

In this blog, we would like to pick up and discuss some new initiatives taken up by The Government of Uttar Pradesh and bodies like Noida Authority and Greater Noida Authority. The leading men in the government and these departments are highly focused to bring change in the attitude of people towards enabling the civic sense, cleanliness, better traffic management, and many other sections. Several volunteers are also participating in these public awareness drives throughout the city.

The focus on such drives and harsh measures started with pace when Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh visited Noida and Greater Noida region in June 2019. He pointed out that major issues in the area are like pollution, unchecked waste disposal, traffic and so on.

Government Initiatives

As a citizen of this nation, it is our duty to safeguard our country and mend any actions that affect our society, city and at large our nation. Coming to the real estate part of the effect of all these initiatives, there has been a considerable change in sales of affordable homes, luxury homes, offices and shops in Noida and Greater Noida. ‘

Let us discuss some of these initiatives. If you feel like sharing anything about these public-awareness drives by the government, feel free to comment. Also, let us know in comments if you are part of any volunteer group or work in the system as an authority in implementing the recent campaigns by the state as well as the central government.

Here are some Public Awareness Initiatives Undertaken by UP Government and Noida, Greater Noida Authorities

if you do not know then this is must read for you. When the government starts implementing a plan, the citizens must support the campaign of initiatives by abiding the rules as laid by the administration. Change begins from a single person and has the capability to inspire.

Cleanliness Drive supporting Swachh Bharat Mission

Government Initiatives
Keep your city clean and green – we miss the most important part in this message ‘your city’

The government started the cleanliness campaign in the name of Swacch Bharat Mission and since then major cities in India have implemented it in their own ways. The UP government is also doing its best to clean up cities and create awareness amongst people to follow best practices and keep their city clean and green. This impacts real estate sales. For example, a multinational company would definitely like to have their office in a green and clean vicinity. Same goes true for homes as home buyers wish for cleaner areas.

Road and Rapid Public Transport Development

current government initiatives

The development of road and metro is another major works of the new government. The metro has reached to various sectors of Noida and Greater Noida. Well built roads complement these metro stations as people can travel hassle-free to any part of Noida and Greater Noida with good metro connectivity and roads.

Public Awareness & Drive Against Plastic

Plastic is one of the slowest degrading materials once used. Each year plastic pollution leads to blockage of pipes, water drainage system in the NCR region. Certainly, the water logging leads to traffic jams especially during monsoons.

government initiatives in India

Though plastic usage is banned across the country but there are some loopholes and vendors as well as the general public use it. The government has organized a public awareness and drive against plastic. Here are some ways by which it is trying to discourage people from using plastic bags:

  • Imposing fine on shopkeepers and vendors using plastic bags to sell their products.
  • Creating an awareness for disuse of plastic use and encouraging people to use paper or bags made out of natural resources like cotton, jute, etc.
  • Distribution of bio-degradable bags with the help of volunteers.

Water Conservation – ‘Jal Shakti Andolan

Modi Government Initiatives

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his second term and his first Mann ki Baat episode has highlighted the need for water conservation. He has envisioned the water saving campaign to be as big as the earlier Swacch Bharat Mission. He asked various individuals and groups to come forward and create awareness around Jan Shakti Andolan.

current government initiatives

Param Homes is also dedicated to supporting the government in this initiative. Here is a short poem dedicated to inspiring people to understand the value of water – the elixir or life.

The groundwater level of major cities in India is shrinking at a very fast level. This is very worrisome because the population of all the cities and India as a whole is growing at a very rapid pace.

current government initiatives

Obviously, water shortage and lack of supply would lead to bad circumstances for everyone. Real estate industry can get affected to a large scale if we do not act now.

Traffic Management Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Traffic management is an issue that has been a pain area for the Authorities and the state government. Lack of traffic police personnel has been one of the reasons for the mismanagement. The other major reasons being lack of traffic sense, breaking of traffic rules and untrained staff.

Modi Government Initiatives

To solve this issue the government is testing the AI based traffic management system which even Delhi is trying to implement. The inclusion of AI will lessen human involvement. If the testing goes well, Noida and Greater Noida might see a positive change when it comes to traffic management. The test project is being conducted in collaboration with the French government which provided AI based traffic management kiosks/system to Noida Traffic Police to help them screen the violators.

Deployment of Additional Police Personnel

government initiatives Noida

The shortage of police personnel is a major reason behind lack of proper implementation of law and order situation, traffic woes and increases turnaround time to address public grievances. The police department has raised this concern with the government which has accepted their request and planned for the hiring, training and deployment of additional police personnel in Noida and Greater Noida.

Training of Ragpickers for better waste management

government initiatives in India

The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) has decided to organize workshops and training sessions for the ragpickers in Noida and Greater Noida to develop a robust waste management system in these regions. In addition to this, the newly announced Yeida City which will house the upcoming International Jewar Airport will also be developed in consideration to the international standards. Many residential, commercial and retail developments are taking place in this region too apart from the homes, office spaces and shops available in Noida and Greater Noida.

The better waste management and guided rag picking will ensure clean places adding to the aesthetics of the twin cities. Green and clean location are always preferred by home buyers as well as the office space investors. This is particularly true when in

Plantation of Trees and Herbal Plants

government initiatives Noida
As per the idea initially shared by CM of Uttar Pradesh, herbal plants will be planted alongside eways to combat air pollution.

This is one of the uniquest way in which the air quality of expressways, road networks and public spaces can be improved. The measure has been suggested by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh himself. The herbal plants that ensure better oxygen release in exchange for carbon dioxide will be selected for this purpose. if such plants can be planted and their growth is ensured, for sure, it will lead to better air quality and help combat air pollution.

Checking and Penalty on Drinking or Driving in Public

This is one of the recent initiatives by Noida Traffic Police. The drive is being implemented to discourage people from drinking and driving as well as to not drink in public places.

Government Initiatives

These are some of the initiatives and drives are undertaken by Noida and Greater Noida Authority. Keep watching this space as we will keep updating the information here along with results in the longer run.

Feel free to comment about what you think can help in the successful implementation of these campaigns.

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