Gaur Castlevania – Introducing European Style Project in India!

Gaur Castlevania – Introducing European Style Project in India!
December 19, 2019 No Comments Real Estate PARAMHOMES
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Gaur Castlevania is out for launch and now is available for bookings. A mesmerising township within the Intergated township of GYC (Gaur Yamuna City).  Gaur Castlevania is located across the 4th Park view inside the GYC township. This residential property in Yamuna Expressway is RERA approved ( RERA Reg. No. – UPRERAPRJ538911 )  and is the most luxurious 2/3 BHK residential apartments which are recently launched in Yamuna expressway.

With 6 soaring towers, Gaur Castlevania is architecture with Contemporary European style with Victorian themed gardens and 9 acres of Lake area in it’s premises. Gaur Castlevania offers 2/3 luxury flats at 4th Parkview at Yamuna Expressway. Gaur Castlevania is one of the biggest amalagamation of Plots, apartments, Retails Shops, and a lot more. With basic civiv structure and hiogh security for its residents, Gaur Castlevania has installed intercoms, CCTV, and guards all over the township.

Castlevania is a part of Gaur Yamuna City. Equipped with all amenities, this luxury apartments were high in demand and now when they are out their, only 800 apartments are left for bookings. So, a quick brief about the location, have a look!

Gaur Castlevania – The Fab Location
  • Majestic location at the 4th Parkview
  • Located on Yamuna Expressway
  • Near to proposed Jewar Airport
  • Adjacent to Bhuddh International Circuit
  • Nearb to Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor
  • Proposed ISBT
  • Eastern Peripheral National Expressway
  • Home to innumerous World-class universities
  • Proposed Textile park in vicinity
  • Proposed Noida – Agra Monorail
Gaur Castlevania – The Flooring and Mapping

Castlevania is a 6 tower township, guided by an enchanting entrance of heaven. The intricately carved gates of this township has already set a benchmark to the European architecture of Gaur Castlevania. To transport you to the era of beauty and master craftsmanship, Victorian Gardens are designed in the vicinity. Total of 9320 sq. ft. of land is green! This means a lot of fresh air and non-polluted zone for your family to live within. And the cherry on the cake is the ample amount of parking space available in Gaur Castlevania.

This mega township – Gaur Castlevania which is right next to 4th Park View offers 2/3 BHK apartments in 6 Tower premises for its high-end residents. Have a look at the flooring and sizes of the Apartments:

  1. Types ‘S’– 2 BHK + Study Rooms – 1060 sq. ft. (2 Bedrooms, Drawing Room, Study Room, Kitchen,          2 Washroom, 3 Balcony)
  2. Types ‘M’– 3 BHK  – 1278 sq. ft. (3 Bedrooms, Drawing Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, 2 Washroom, 4 Balcony)
  3. Types ‘E’– 3 BHK  – 1414 sq. ft. (3 Bedrooms, Drawing Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, 3 Washroom, 4 Balcony)
  4. Types ‘E (Extended Balcony)’– 3 BHK  – 1520 sq. ft. (3 Bedrooms, Drawing Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, 3 Washroom, 3 Balcony)
Gaur Castlevania – The Features of the Township

The features of Gaur  4th Parkview Yamuna expressway are the USP of the entire Project. Have a look at what  Castlevania has set for its residents to dwell in!

  • Entire premises is designed in European Architecture
  • Excellent gardens and views
  • Ample amount of Parking Spaces
  • Community Halls
  • Library & Lounge
  • Open- air Pools
  • Workout Studios
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Indoor Games
  • Jogging Track
  • Open-air Amphitheatre
  • Audio and Braille assisted Lifts
  • Low water Flush
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Separate washrooms for Disabled and Visitors
  • Reserved parking for senior citizen and disabled
  • High Solar reflecting tiles to keep houses cool
  • Energy –efficient lighting in the entire premises
  • Daylight and Fresh air ventilation
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Renewable energy through Solar PV
  • Electrical Charging for vehicles

So, this opportunity is out only for 800 lucky families. Gaur  4th Parkview will treat you in a manner you haven’t felt in any other township. Class, Quality and credibility of Gaursons will leave you no other options but to Book your next residential space now in Yamuna Expressway!

Happy Homing!!

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