A Brilliant Investment Guide for Commercial Property in Noida

A Brilliant Investment Guide for Commercial Property in Noida
January 7, 2020 5 Comments Commercial Real Estate PARAMHOMES
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Basic Reason Why to buy a Commercial Property in Noida

Commercial Property in Noida – Noida is among the fastest growing cities in India. Within close proximity to the National Capital, New Delhi; Noida stands at a place which is well connected to almost the entire Delhi/NCR. But what makes the difference? Why to buy commercial properties in Noida instead of Delhi or Gurgaon.

Well today we will tell you why. Why Noida is the most economical choice for purchasing a commercial property.

  1. Commercial Property in Noida is Cheaper 

    Noida is a part of Uttar Pradesh and is adjacent to New Delhi, whereas Gurgaon is a part Haryana where already the life standard is high. If you ever visit Gurgaon, you will be able to distinguish the purchase and prices of certain articles to be higher than Delhi and Noida combined! Commercial property hence is as expensive as the city itself. Which means your gross expenditure in setting up your commercial property in Gurgaon or Delhi will be much higher than setting the same commercial property in Noida. Yet both Gurgaon and Noida are almost at same distance and with same connectivity to Delhi. Then why to invest more? This is because the jobs in Gurgaon are paying well and people in Gurgaon are capable of making expensive purchases. In Noida, you will come across people with jobs paying very low and to suffice the needs, the comparative expenditure is low.

  2. Population near commercial properties in Noida as Compared to Delhi/NCR

    With a population of 1.3 crore people residing in the city, Delhi is the second most crowded cities in the World! Purchasing a commercial space in such a crowded city is like buying a shop in flea markets of Sarojni Nagar Market or Kamla Nagar Market. Do you really want to spend half of your life in such a crowded place with no peace for a minute? Noida is well planned and has fewer crowds as compared to Delhi, which ensures that you will get a peace of mind while working in your commercial Spaces in Noida.

  3. Property Price of Commercial property in Noida

    If you look through the commercial property prices in Noida and Gurgaon, you will know why this point is among the most important points to analyse while purchasing a commercial property. Commercial properties for sale in Noida are less expensive than Delhi and Gurgaon. So, even if we talk about the stats, well the stats are talking themselves. Commercial Projects in Noida is way cheaper as compared to Delhi and Gurgaon.

  4. Better Connectivity of Commercial Property in Noida

    Noida is connected to three major airways. After IGI Airport, Hindon Airport has started which is in connectivity with Noida, and cherry on the cake is Jewar International Airport. Recently, Jewar International Airport is handed over to Zurich Airways for its planning and designing. Along with this, Yamuna Expressway, FNG Expressway, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, Eastern and Western Peripheral highways are all well connected to Noida. So, buying a commercial property in Greater Noida / Noida will ensure better connectivity.

  5. Versatility of Commercial Property in Noida

    So, this is a very small yet a very strong point to highlight when purchasing a commercial Spaces in Noida. Noida is already home to various World-class universities, schools and colleges. Along with this, Top MNCs in India are all located in Noida. HCL, Stellar, Genpact, Ford,etc are all already working and excelling in Noida. So you get to build your commercial property in a very urbanized and in low expenditure. Isn’t this the dream?

So before you purchase your commercial property in Delhi or Gurgaon, well look deeply into the factors as why Noida is actually a more preferred and optimum choice to invest in commercial property than any other place in India.

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Thanks for sharing these amazing tips about real estate. It’s really helpful for everyone. Keep writing it.

Town home for sale in Markham

The commercial properties in Noida seems to be more expensive than those of other cities of India. After my investment on town homes for sale in Markham, i can guruantee that it is far more better to invest over there than any other place at this time.

Kavita Podar

I’m flattered by the details you have provided on this site. It shows how nicely you savvy this subject.
Great article with very helpful information!