Co-Working Spaces- A Rising Trend in India

Co-Working Spaces- A Rising Trend in India
September 27, 2019 No Comments Public Awareness, Real Estate PARAMHOMES
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Short term gains or profits is not what an investor thinks about, he primarily thinks of long-term investment and through those expects to yield profits. The easy payment plans and lease guarantee options make the co-working spaces most trending in India these days and are expanding in the commercial real estate.

What are the Co-Working spaces?

Co-working spaces are shared workspaces that are affordable. They offer amenities like private meeting rooms, pantry, workstation and more. Different companies share an office space that cuts down the cost by using common infrastructures like reception and other pieces of equipment. 

Investing in Co-Working spaces is a good idea but, do always keep the below-mentioned tips in mind before making any decision.

Tip No-1: Market Research

Co-working office spaces is the new trend in commercial real estate and the property investor must carry out proper market research. So, it becomes important to analyze the requirement and the budget. Understand the demand of such spaces, and then decide over it. 

Tip No-2: Location! Matters the most

Real Estate is the industry where location matters the most. Particular segments like residential, commercial property looks out for location, similarly the case of Co-Working spaces. After assessing the demand and market trend, the investor must figure out the best place for the workplace.  

Tip No-3: Security on the point

Security should be on point and co-working space should preferably be in the area where there is proper law and order. The accessibility of police personnel should be easy as in case of unfortunate incidents as working in unsafe locality is not preferred and also brings down the area’s reputation. This reason can bring a major drop down in the demand of co-working space in any particular region. So, consider security on the top of the list. 

Tip No-4: Designing and layout

The next thing to be checked is the layout and the designing that whether it is suitable for the business or not. It hold utmost importance as companies leasing out the spaces wants fresh, friendly and spacious work environment. Hence, always give a look at the layout and design and go for the customization at the workplace if it is needed and possible.

Tip No-5: Accessibility of the Workplace

The easy reach to workplace via metros, public transport and expressways are the must that the investor should look for. It is essential to check the travel time for the employees from home to office. As the quality time is wasted in reaching out at office due to congestions and traffics. Therefore, before investing look out for the accessibility as well. 

Bhutani Infra the known name in the real estate industry has launched Bhutani Cyberthum Mypods- the co working office spaces at the minimum investment. Crafted with the vision to promote commercial development in India. They are available in small sizes at an attractive investment of Rs 6 lakhs* only. With this it offers assured return and lease guarantee. Co-working office spaces are the latest trend and are appealing the entrepreneurs and startups to give a bombastic start to their budding business.

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